How To Get A $250 Bonus From Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a very popular bank across the United States. Once is a while they love to offer current and new customers a chance to get bonuses by completing certain things in order to obtain it. Currently, the bank is looking to offer $250 checking account bonuses to people who follow certain guidelines. You need to do what is necessary before the deadline. However, they love to extend bonus offer to let people have more time to qualify for their bonuses. This bonus in particular is a bonus for opening a new checking account. This specific checking account is called the "Everyday Checking" account. The availability for this bonus is nationwide at all of their current locations.

Current Exclusions

Like stated earlier, there are always some exclusions for every bonus offer that Wells Fargo offers. For this bonus offer, the customer needs to open an Everyday Checking account before the promotional period expires. Additionally, this offer excludes some individuals as mentioned below.

• All current Wells Fargo customers who have consumer checking accounts are excluded.
• No Wells Fargo team members or employees are able to receive this bonus offer.
• If you have already received a consumer bonus on a new checking account within the last year, you will not be able to qualify for another bonus for a new checking account again.

How To Find Wells Fargo Bank Bonuses

There are a few ways in which to find out when Wells Fargo and other banks offer bonuses. Sometimes, you will find the bonus offers while watching tv or reading the news. You can also do a search on Google regularly to see if there are any bonus offers to sign up for. Searching online is the best way because you can quickly see what is needed to qualify for any particular offer that is currently in promotion.

$250 Bonus Requirements

There are a few requirements that a new checking account customer must satisfy in order to get the bonus of $250 from this promotion. The first is that customers need to open the new Everyday Checking account from the online promotion page on the Wells Fargo website. There is also a requirement of putting down a deposit of at least $25 before the end of the day on the last day of the promotion.

Additionally, the customer must make at least ten debit card payments or purchases within two months or 60 days within opening the account. If that is not an option you are interested in, you can opt to instead put down $500 using the Direct Deposit option into the new checking account. If all of these are satisfied, the $250 bonus will be deposited automatically into your new Everyday Checking account within 45 days of you satisfying the requirements of the bonus offer.

Everyday Checking Account Information

The Everyday Checking account can be opened with a small deposit of at least $25, like stated earlier. This account in particular has a monthly service fee of $10. However, that fee can be waived each month as long as there is at least a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or a minimum of at least ten debit card purchases or payments made each month. The fee may also be waived if there is a minimum of at least $500 in direct deposits added to the account within each month as well.


Wells Fargo is currently the second largest bank in the United States. The bonus of $250 for opening a new Everyday Checking account is open to anyone in any state as long as they sign up online through their website. When you read the promotional page, you will notice in fine print that this offer is exclusive to online signups only and is not available to receive by signing up at your local branch or on the phone with a representative.

Other Bank Bonuses And Promotions

If you find you aren't eligible for this Wells Fargo bonus offer of $250 for opening a new Everyday Checking account, then you can check back often to see what other offers and promotions might be available to apply for. Wells Fargo is a well-respected bank in the United States and they love to continually offer great bonuses and promotions to existing and new customers.

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