10 Ways to Get Free Food

Everyone loves food, but getting food for free or at a discount makes food even better. Below are ten ways for people anywhere to get free or discounted food without having to do too much work to get it.

Free Samples

Free samples are everywhere. Grocery stores, candy stores, bakeries, and anything with food often have free samples for customers to try their product before they buy. If a customer walks into an ice cream shop, they can ask for free samples of certain flavors to get a little taste without having to spend money on an entire cone that they might not even finish. Walking through a grocery store and eating free samples is also a great way to try new foods for free.

Eat to Win

Eating competitions might not sound like a good idea at first, but they are a great way to get free food. Even if customers don't think they will win, it is still a great opportunity to get some free food just by sitting down and stuffing their face. Luckily, they will also go home full no matter if they go home the champion or not.

Work at a Restaurant

Many restaurants not only give their employees a paycheck, but they sometimes give them discounted or free food. Often, these meals are because of mistakes made from customer's orders or when the restaurant decides to try a new dish. The employees are usually the ones that get the sample the food or have a free meal when the mistakes are made. If a person wants a chance at some free food, working at a restaurant might be the way to go.

Find Restaurant Promotions

Restaurants often have promotions that many customers can get if they sign up for email updates or alerts. Customers can sign up for newsletters as well, and the restaurant might send out coupons, special deals, or other options to get heavily discounted meals. If restaurants around the area have websites, customers can scan the website for the option to sign up for alerts to get coupons and other promotions.

Celebrate a Birthday

What better way to celebrate a birthday than getting discounts or dinner additions. If a customer goes out to eat on their birthday, many restaurants will offer a free dessert to help celebrate the occasion. Some places might even send coupons or other special offers for customers who are celebrating the big day. It might take a little research, but customers can get food that doesn't have to be paid for just because it's their birthday.

Take Restaurant Surveys

Restaurants have surveys from time to time to see how their food tastes, how the service is, and whether customers want to come back or not. By filling out these surveys, customers can get discounts, coupons, or other offers. It doesn't take long to fill them out either, and typically customers get the confirmation quickly after finishing the survey. This is a great way for customers to get more involved in the running of their favorite restaurants.

Grow a Garden

One of the easiest ways to get free food in practically any area is by growing a garden. This can be tricky for some, and finding the right time of the year to plant different items is important. People can plant things like watermelons, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, peppers, and even corn to get free vegetables during the summer and fall months. Depending on where some people live, they might even be able to grow fruit trees or berry bushes to get an even wider selection of free food. It is easy to find free seeds at certain farmers markets or other places, or people can take seeds from the food they eat already and replant them when the time is right.

Attend Events

There are often many different events that customers can go to. College students can especially benefit from this free food option because many events offer free food or snacks to those who show up. Not only can customers get free food, but they can also meet new people, network, or learn more about new things. College students might have more opportunities for this, but everyone should try to take advantage of this option.

Grand Openings

When many stores or even restaurants have a grand opening, they sometimes offer different incentives to get customers or consumers to come to their grand opening. Sometimes they offer free food, gift cards, or samples as incentives. Usually, the supply of these items are limited so getting there early is a great way to ensure that customers get the free food they want. Customers can also check out local businesses to see what might be available in the area.

Be a Menu Taster

Many restaurants, when they first open, will offer customers a chance to taste the menu. While that sounds a lot like an incentive to get customers to try different things, it can be a great way to get free food. Diners will be required to pay for the items, but once the menu tasting is complete, they will reimburse the diners for the cost incurred while tasting the different dishes on the menu. This tip isn't a quick free option, but it is worth a shot, especially if a new restaurant opens up in the area.

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