Some Burger King Customers Could Cash In On A Settlement

If you have bought breakfast from Burger King in the past couple of years, you might be able to get part of a settlement against the food company pretty soon. The customers who are eligible would be ones who had ordered at least two or more of Burger King's Croissan'wich sandwiches for breakfast between October 1, 2015 through May 19, 2017. You would have had to use one of their buy one, get one free coupons in order to be eligible for this settlement.

Back In December, the food company had released a statement saying that they settled a federal class-action suit which had alleged that some of Burger King's locations had started to charge more for their modified breakfast sandwiches when customers came in to the location to use those coupons. The court documents about this settlement have detailed that less than 10 percent of these deals were truly impacted from this actual issues. The change in price for the modified sandwiches without the egg, cheese or meat had usually ranged anywhere from a few cents to a dollar.

Burger King has since denied doing anything wrong and said that their employees have implemented the correct changes to remedy the issues. However, the company is still going to be offering gift cards or cash to their customers who can submit a valid claim on the forms. If you don't have your receipt from your old purchases that are eligible for this settlement, Burger King will still give those customers who fill out the claim for a gift card for their restaurant worth $2.00. If a customer can show proof of a receipt that they bought the sandwiches in question during the specified period, they can get a cash settlement of five dollars each.

How To Submit a Claim

There are many ways in which a customer could submit a claim for the settlement against Burger King. To learn more about the case and eligibility, you can visit You can also find a number on that website to call and get more information. Anyone wanting to try and submit a claim has to do so before January 18, 2018.

Why This Settlement Is Taking Place

Lawsuits and settlements are nothing new for big businesses and restaurants such as Burger King. When a company has to deal with thousands of customers each day, there are bound to be issues that arise. With deals such as buy one, get one free sandwiches, it can bring about even more issues. There were claims being filed that suggested certain Burger Kings in undocumented locations were using the sandwich deals as a way to charge more on the sandwich you had to buy before a customer was able to get their free one. This is against the law and Burger King is getting some real heat over it. Because of the lawsuit, anyone is able to file a claim for this lawsuit and get a small offering from the settlement. The amount you get will depend mostly on whether you have a receipt from your purchases during the specified time period.

The company denies that they have done anything wrong and will not fully comment on whether the locations in question actually charged more on these sandwich deals. However, they are still fully willing to accept the settlement deal and will give refunds or gift cards to customers who are willing to submit a claim. Burger King is well known for their breakfast menu and have lots of customers who have and will remain loyal once all of this has been settled.

Getting your settlement is as easy as filling out a simple claim for online. Once you have submitted your claim, you will either need to show your receipts or offer some legitimate proof that you purchased the sandwich deal one or more times in the time frame listed. If you can show proof, you will get at least five dollars for every valid receipt. If you don't have a receipt but you fill out the form anyway, you can still get a small amount from the settlement. Burger King will send a gift card worth two dollars to any customer who submits the claim form online.

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