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Finding work from home jobs in Illinois or Indiana is not always easy, but if you live in these states, there are several options, like this content screener position at the online memorial website called Sometimes, remote jobs are simply confined to certain states, which can seem frustrating for some. Usually, these restrictions are put in place because of certain employment tax laws or other regulations for jobs that require employers to hire within their given state.

This job was found courtesy of Work at Home Mom Revolution. However, we have various other listings for jobs in different areas on the Jobs page of our Facebook page. There are always new opportunities there for people looking for a remote job.

The content screener position at has a wonderful pay of $13 an hour. If you choose to apply for the job, you will have one sole responsibility to ensure that the condolence messages are in compliance with the guidelines set up by In other words, you will be screening content on a regular basis.

There are several different shifts available for application. These shifts including a week job from Tuesday until Saturday with the hours of 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. The other shifts are weekend shifts, spanning from Friday until Monday. One shift covers the hours of 2 p.m. until 6 p.m., and the other shift covers the hours of 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.

There are even certain requirements for those who want to apply for this work-from-home job. First, you must be a resident of Indiana or Illinois. You must also have high-speed internet that can keep up when you are needed to work. Your computer must have OSX 10.6 or at least Windows 7 to work properly. As a person, you must not have any conflicting responsibilities during your work shift, which includes caring for babies and young children. You should also have a self-motivation factor as well as strong communication skills. Being able to pay close attention to detail is also required for this job position.

As an employee for, however, you will receive several incredible benefits that most full-time workers are given. Some of the benefits include things like a 401 (k) plan for retirement, which is extremely beneficial to the workforce. You will also receive a vision discount program, which could be beneficial for those who need regular eye exams or must purchase glasses and contacts on a regular basis. Employees who take this position will also be given paid time off for vacations, sick days, and more, though this might vary depending on the employee and the amount of time, they have been working for the website. Employees will also be given a chance with the Employee Assistance Program which is set up to help employees who might be struggling financially or emotionally.

Remote jobs are a great way to earn money from the comfort of your home. Many people, like freelancers, earn a normal, full-time wage from their home office, and some don’t even leave their pajamas during the day. However, if you are searching for a remote job and you live in Illinois or Indiana, then you are given the opportunity of a lifetime.’s opening as a content screener is a chance for residents of these two states to earn up to $13 an hour by screening the content for the website to ensure that it complies with the website’s guidelines that are put in place from the start. The hours are great, and the pay is great. The best part about this option is the ability to work from home.

If you live in Illinois or Indiana and you want to find a remote job for yourself, then don’t hesitate to apply for this position. There are only a few shifts available, and slots will fill up quickly. Now’s your chance to work for, earn a full-time wage, and be given benefits that full-time employees typically earn. Employee assistance, a 401 (k) plan, and more are just a few of the perks you will get by working for Apply today before it’s too late, and you could earn yourself an opportunity of a lifetime.

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