Save A Buck (Or Many!) With These Must-Have Smartphone Apps!

If you love to save money, you've probably cut your fair share of coupons from your Sunday paper; but did you know there is an easier way to save? There is a wide variety of apps you can download for FREE right to your smartphone that not only help you save money on things you buy every day, but also help you to stash this money for when you need it most?

Smarphone Rebate Apps give you money back for purchasing certain items, and they are items that shoppers like you buy every day! Want to save even more? Most of these apps will work even with the use of manufacturers coupons! What are you waiting for? Download these top Smartphone Rebate Apps to your phone today to start saving your hard earned cash!

How Does It Work?

Though each app is a little different, most have you collect maximum savings by taking a photo of your receipt with your smartphone camera or using your stored "loyalty cards" within the app itself. Once you download an app, follow the specific instructions to upload your purchases as you go, and watch your savings stack up!

You will get your money back via these rebates by taking a photo of your receipt after you.

Our 6 Favorite Smartphone Rebate Apps

1. Checkout51

Love fresh produce? Checkout51 is a great app for you. With Pick Your Own Offers, you can use rebates for cash off fresh fruits and vegetables-- something rarely offered in newspaper coupon brochures. Though these rebates are often for $0.25 at a time, it may not seem like a lot, but these small amounts add up when you regularly use your smartphone rebate apps! Many rebates are not store-specific, but it's a good idea to read each rebate carefully so you can maximize your savings while you do your regular shopping.

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the most popular rebate apps for your smartphone, and for good reason. Not only does it offer a great variety of rebates on well-known, popular, and trusted name brands, it also offers from time to time "any brand" rebates for every day items like milk, produce, snacks, and much more, including "any item" rebates for cash back on any purchase at a selected retailer. Remember that Ibotta is a "store specific" rebate app. If you shop at certain stores, like Target or Walmart, make sure you double check that the rebates you choose are available from the store you shop at; or use these rebates as an opportunity to branch out in your shopping experiences!

3. SavingStar

If you like getting a little something for free while you save money on your favorite brands, give SavingStar a try. SavingStar offers all name-brand rebates as well as one healthy item (produce, per pound) each week, and a freebie item rebate available every Friday (something small, like candy-- Yum!) Some rebates are small, such as $0.50 to a dollar, but some allow you to buy multiples of a brand over time for an even bigger cashback rebate. Consider it a fun challenge to buy more items you need and get more cashback!

Hook up your loyalty cards to SavingStar to save even more. When your registered cards are used to purchase a product with a saved rebate, it will put the savings in your SavingStar account! Because these rebates must be activated before purchase, it's important to go into the app and have a plan before shopping.

4. Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart has never been one to be out of the loop as far as savings go, so its no surprise they have their own smartphone rebate app! This one is so easy you'll be wondering why you didn't download it sooner! Simply use the app to scan your Walmart receipt after making your purchases. The Savings Catcher App then looks through all the competitor ads and if it finds a lower price than what you paid at Walmart, you are given the amount as a rebate loaded to a Walmart eGift Card.

5. MobiSave

Once only usable by iPhone users, MobiSave is now available to Android users as well. Simply scan your receipt and upload it to get your money with available rebates. What makes MobiSave different is the app uses a payout schedule to your PayPal account rather than making you save a minimum balance before transferring it to your wallet! You can use MobiSave at any store that provides you with an itemized receipt after purchase. Remember, you must choose your rebates before shopping, so plan ahead!

6. bevRAGE

Like beer? Wine? Mixed drinks? bevRAGE is the perfect smartphone rebate app for you. Created by MobiSave, this app gives you cashback when you buy alcoholic beverages at stores, as well as restaurants and bars. Upload a photo of your receipt to show proof of purchase and cash out via PayPal in just 48 hours! If you link to your PayPal account your moeny will be sent to you automatically within the 48 hours! Couldn't be any easier!

Please note that there are some states that do not allow consumers to receive discounts on liquor. Residents of AL, AK, HI, IN, MI, MO, NC, TX, UT, and WV are unfortunately not able to use this smartphone rebate app.

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