Work-at-Home Job Opening for Florida and Virginia Residents

Long gone are the days when everyone was excited to break-free of the home place and head to the big city to get an office job. To put it simply, people are sick of the nine-to-five workplace, sick of dealing with irritating coworkers, and sick of being away from their families. With this shift in attitude toward work, more people are turning away from traditional workplace jobs and instead pursuing work-from-home positions.

Freelance work is a definite hit among work-from-home job pursuers who want to offer writing, graphic design, and website building services at their own pace and time-frame. While this is great for those with specific skills, it leaves the rest of us wondering how we can skip out of the traditional corporate rat-race and enjoy working at home when we don’t all have graphic design abilities.

Capital One Offers Hope

Thankfully, the popular credit card company Capital One is stepping out to offer regular jobs to employees seeking a way to work from home. Thanks to their new customer service representative positions, job seekers can now jump on board with their company and help card holders all from the comfort of their own home! Sadly, this job is currently only open to those in Florida and Virginia, and living within 100 miles of the towns Tampa and Richmond. However, even if you aren’t in the area, this new move by Capital One offers us hope that more work-from-home positions will start opening up across the country.

The Capital One Job

Right now, Capital One is simply on the hunt for employees who are willing to work as senior customer service representatives and are located in the Richmond, VA and Tampa, FL areas. The job is a full-time position, meaning that it will offer around forty-hours a week, making it more structured that a lot of other work-at-home jobs.

What Does the Job Involve?

Have you ever called a credit card company desperate for help and received the assistance you needed from a friendly customer service representative? Well, it’s now your turn to become that helpful employee. This Capital One position gives job-seekers the chance to direct inbound calls, provide simple answers to customer questions, resolve issues, and explain how to properly use a Capital One credit card.

Position Requirements

If you’re interested in this job, you will not only need to live in the areas of Tampa, Florida or Richmond, Virginia, but you will also be expected to be enthusiastic and passionate about helping others. You will need to have the ability to properly manage your time, multitask, and motive yourself. Since this job requires making important decisions, you need to be firm in your ability to make good choices. Capital One also requires employees to have top-notch skills talking to customers and writing out communications. If you’re looking to snag this job, you will need to be a good listener who is willing to carefully consider all aspects of a situation and ask appropriate questions. Capital One also expects knowledge of digital servicing.

If you get the job, you will need a home office space where you have no noise and distractions. This doesn’t mean you have to build onto your house or buy a bunch of fancy office furniture; however, it means that working from your living room while "Dora the Explorer" is blaring on TV is not going to work! You will also need to have a wired, high-speed broadband internet connection in your work area.

Capital One is looking for those with a bachelor’s degree; however, they will also accept applications from those with a high school diploma, GED equivalent, or military experience. Capital One is looking for serious employees, so you need to have two years of prior customer service experience or at least six months working a different job from your home office.

Work Times and Training

If you are employed for this job by Capital One, you will be expected to work afternoons, evenings, and at least one day on the weekend. Before you can begin working, Capital One will provide you with seven weeks of training. While most of this training can be done at your home on weekdays between 11 am and 8 pm, there might be some minimal office training as well.

What are the Perks?

On top of being paid a salary, Capital One employees will receive benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance along with tuition reimbursements, paid vacations and holidays, and a 401(k) with employer match. By working at home you can also expect to save hundreds of dollars a year in gasoline, wear and tear on your vehicle, and work clothes.

While this is does not offer the ease of lounging around in your pajamas, playing with your children, and only working on your time frame, Capital One’s position is a great opportunity for an employee with the right set of job skills and capabilities.

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