Giving Your Bank Account A Lyft This Holiday Season

With the Holiday season soon approaching, people are scrambling all over to get the best deals for gifts to give to their friends and family. Everyone wants to save a little, but the holiday season is not light in anyone’s pocket. In fact, the holiday season sees some of the most significant spending habits among shoppers as compared to any other month of the year.

Sometimes people plan way in advance, trying to prepare budgets, just so that their wallets aren’t empty at the end of the season. There are of course ways in which you can budget, by giving cheaper gifts for example, but no one wants to go down that route for their loved ones. Fortunately, there are quick and easy ways in which one can make up the money that they spend on holiday expenses.

If making a few extra bucks to help you meet all your holiday expenses is something that is on your mind, we are here to give you a slight Lyft.

Ridesharing has become bigger than it has ever been with the introduction of several companies into the sector. Anyone with a license is eligible to become a part of the company, and can easily earn a good amount of money driving people around. More and more people are opting to go in for this as an additional way to earn something for themselves. One of the best parts of working for a ride-sharing company is the fact that you can set your own work hours. Want to work for one hour or five hours? It’s entirely up to you. In addition, you can configure your own time of day to work, and aren’t limited to traditional working hours like you are working at other kinds of jobs. It is flexible, comfortable and most importantly, a way to help you make a few extra bucks this holiday season.

Another reason why one should most definitely opt to join a company like Lyft this holiday season is because of the brilliant incentives that the company is currently offering its drivers. Because it is the holiday season, a lot of drivers that work for the company all the year round take a break and decide to either go to their hometowns or spend time doing other things. There is also a higher demand for drivers during the holiday season, which is why the company is offering these incentives, to attract more and more people to join the company and drive with them.

According to the new policies that the company has in place, Drivers are allowed to keep 100% of the total tips that they get. This is in addition to the weekly amount that one earns with the company. The app also recently added an option that allows passengers to tip higher than the regular amount, which has, in fact, increased the tipping percentage by an incredible 13%.

The company does have a few checks that a driver needs to pass before they can start to work for the company. For starters, a person who wants to be a Lyft driver must be above 21 years of age and must have a valid driver's license and over a year's worth of driving experience. In addition, you must also have a car that has passed Lyft’s security checks, and which was made after 2007.

In addition to earning the base amount, Lyft has added a special holiday bonus for those drivers that have indeed put in a lot of effort this holiday season. The company announced that they would be handing out $500 rewards to those who complete 150 rides within forty-five days after being approved. This amount will be given to you with the rest of your weekly earnings. Usually Lyft offers this bonus to drivers, giving them an additional $250 for every 100 rides per thirty days. But for the holiday season, they decided to provide a little extra, thereby incentivizing drivers to work this season.

To avail of this, all one needs to do is sign up on the Lyft website before the 31st of December and then complete the designated amount within the time frame to avail of this offer.

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