Advantages of Doing Your Internship at A Startup Company

Although working as an intern at top firms like Procter and Gamble, Google and KPMG may be the dream of most people; there are also some significant advantages of doing the same with a startup firm. Interning with smaller startup firms helps you get an understanding and first-hand experience of how organizations operate. We have listed below our top 5 benefits of doing your internship at a startup firm;

You'd work more

At most startup firms, interns are considered an integral part of their workforce. As an intern in such companies, you will be regarded as a new full-time employee and as such, be assigned jobs meant for full-time employees. From the moment you start working there, you would begin working directly on company projects, devising the company's marketing strategy and planning company social media promotion approach. It might be overwhelming at first, but you will eventually get used to it and build your set of efficient work skills. And it will also develop your self-confidence.

You'd be more involved in the company

Big firms and businesses are usually more systematic than their smaller startup counterparts. As a result, interns are allowed to have access to only a tiny part of the company's primary structure. Also, the fact that bigger companies have several different departments hence different interns makes it even harder. Startup firms are considerably smaller and have fewer divisions, so assigning work is smoother. You would, therefore, find yourself doing much more jobs at startups. There is little regard for hierarchy and officialdom here.

The exposure you get from doing your internship at startups will help you make more precise decisions when you are not sure of what to career path to follow. It will also help you get valuable experience on how to run your own business - how to develop it, how to plan your market strategy, etc., just in case you are thinking of doing so.

You'd be noticed and assessed more often.

It is quite easy for an intern's work to go unnoticed and get lost in the system at big companies. But the reverse is the case at startups. When interning at startup companies, you are more seen, and as a result, your work rate and performance is observed more often. Of course, this also means you'd also be easily noticed if your work is poor or not good enough. This level of scrutiny would make you more attentive and focus more on your assigned tasks, thereby helping you commit fewer errors.

You will also be exposed to more personal time with the company's managers and other employees as you are considered an essential member of their team. This closer relationship, in turn, helps to boost your level of productivity, skills, and self-confidence.

Your State of mind

Startup companies are quite known for their togetherness and "never say die" attitude. This mentality makes interns there feel wanted and gingered as vital members of a determined group with targeted goals. This state of mind is easily rubbed off on employees and therefore causes workers to bring up more creative ways to tackle problems in the office.

All startup companies have their creative heads, and when you get close to these creative people, you learn a lot. There will be close interaction between interns and company founders regularly. Hence, interns will have the chance to learn from their methods and get a more in-depth understanding of the company vision. it is easy to get inspired when you see people that work hard to move their dream businesses forward.

Also, the work environment at startup companies is friendlier and more open.

Future Prospects

At startup companies, it is easier to familiarize and get acquainted with everyone at the firm. These people may just become an important business contact, or even partners, later in life. In addition, that startup may just become the next big thing in the industrial or commercial world. But even if that doesn't happen, you will have learned a lot and gotten valuable experience.

Startup business owners have a high probability of becoming great business owners in future, so your internship will definitely be vital in expanding your reach in the business world.

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