How to Apply For Seasonal Positions at Madewell and J. Crew

The holidays typically mean a combination of twinkling lights everywhere, wish lists a mile long and at least the possibility of sleigh bells sounding in the distance. However, amid all of this extra hustle and bustle, there is actually a heightened convenience factor: seasonal hiring positions.

While it may be a side-effect of our consumerism, especially around the holiday season that brings both Black Friday and Christmas upon us and so close to one another, this trend is still a good thing. There's no denying that stores looking for a few extra hands can really help defray the sometimes enormous costs of these holidays and provide a boon to penny-pinching shoppers.

Because we like to post some of the best and sometimes little-known job opportunities out there, we'll be giving you all the hiring details of some of the best retail outlets that are already looking for a boost as we draw near to the winter holidays. This article will focus on applying for seasonal positions at J. Crew and Madewell, specifically.

Madewell and J. Crew Holiday Jobs and How to Apply

J. Crew actually includes Madewell and both retail locations are the latest outlets to take advantage of seasonal workers to offset the frenzied holiday rush and the extra shoppers it inevitably brings with it.

J. Crew may not be quite as popular as it has been historically but the company still sees enough business that it needs some extra workers to help it through the busy times ahead. In fact, they're currently looking for people who can fill both seasonal and non-seasonal sales associate positions at a variety of their locations nationwide. There are a few other positions available as well and you can use the filters on the company's official site to look for available jobs as they relate to either type or location. You should click over to J. Crew's jobs page to access these features.

In general, if you want to land a position at either of these retailers you should try to be:

• Fashion forward. J. Crew and Madewell will look for candidates who have both pride and interest in the fashion industry as a whole. They will particularly search for those candidates who express appreciation for their own brands, of course.
• Be prepared to be both personable and charming. Most of their seasonal positions will involve customer interaction at some point and the company will expect you to be friendly and do whatever is necessary to ensure each customer has a great experience in their store.
• You'll need to be good at multi-tasking and getting things done on your own. While you'll certainly have a manager of some sort, they like employees who can take initiative to get tasks done efficiently.
• You should be up-to-date with the latest tech and how to use it or can at least show you'll learn about it quickly.
• J. Crew values employees that are goal-oriented.
• The company wants its workers to build positive, productive relationships with each other and work well as a team.

And if you do get a job at either J. Crew or Madewell, some of the top expectations for you will be:

• Receive high marks on your training, which will include participating in what the company calls fit sessions and, if you're at a Madewell location, becoming a certified expert in denim.
• Increase overall sales by making the shopping experience a personal and satisfying time for all guests.
• You'll help out with stocking shelves or display areas.
• You will need to learn the systems and devices the store uses and you'll be expected to know how to operate each of them efficiently.
• Good communication skills and the ability to reach, bend, and carry a minimum of forty pounds will help.

You should keep in mind that as these are seasonal positions during hectic times, it's best if you're able to work evenings, weekends and holidays since that's when stores will be at their busiest for now.

We've reached out to the companies to get some info on the pay scales they're offering for seasonal workers and will update our readers once we are able to confirm this info.

While it isn't common knowledge, employees do receive excellent discounts on both standard and on-sale merchandise here. If you're ready to apply, you can find the master list using our link to check out all positions or use job type filters and seasonal keywords to narrow the parameters.

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