Get a $40 Gift Card for Free!

You may already have a part-time or even a full-time job. But with the holidays coming up, you’re probably looking for ways to make a little extra cash on the side. If you are completely out of work at the moment, every little bit definitely helps out. No matter what situation you are in, free money is something that we all want! Searching online usually leads to frustrating scams and disappointing ends, but all hope is not lost just yet. You can make a very easy $40 for practically nothing when you check out a certain automaker.

Receive a $40 Rewards Gift Card Today

It’s easy as pie to get a $40 rewards card. The automaker Hyundai is handing out $40 rewards cards to anyone who goes to their website to sign up and test-drive one of their new cars from a local dealership. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a new vehicle at the moment or not. You simply test-drive the vehicle and score your free rewards card for doing so! Hyundai is offering this because they hope that by test driving a new car, you will want to buy one, or you will tell family and friends about the vehicle. No matter what you do, you’ll get to drive a new vehicle for a bit while earning a free $40 rewards card!

How it Works

There are only a few steps to take when you want to earn your free rewards card. You can complete the sign-up process online by heading over to the Hyundai website. The first step is choosing the card-issuer that you would like as your reward. You’ll be given the choice of an Amazon, Target or Visa gift card, and who among us couldn’t use one of these? The website will then ask for some information in order to hook you up with the local dealership that is running the promotion. Simply provide your name and address at this time. The last step is picking the actual vehicle that you plan to test-drive from the dealership when you arrive. It really is a simple process!

What Will Happen Next?

Receiving a $40 rewards card for an activity that is actually fun and easy is a pretty amazing deal. You may choose to drive the Elantra from Hyundai when you sign up. The Elantra is a compact sedan that can be purchased fully loaded for just $23,000. This vehicle is known to get great gas mileage. This is just one option you will be given when you sign up to test-drive a car from Hyundai. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance of taking a beautiful new car for a ride around town?

After you have selected the vehicle you want, you will see a new box on the screen. You will need to consent to receive telemarketing phone calls and/or texts from the automatic telephone dialing system Hyundai uses, as well as personal calls from authorized dealers. You will be required to check this box before you can proceed to the next step. We know, you don’t want any calls or texts from a company, but you will be able to opt out of them afterwards. Just check that box and move on- there is absolutely no obligation! Receiving that $40 rewards card will be worth it in the end.

Now It’s Time to Take That Drive!

When you click the final box to consent, you will automatically be redirected to the next page. This page will provide you with the coupon code you need to take the test-drive. Write the code down or print it out to take to the dealership when you are ready. For example, if you decided to choose the Target gift card, the website will give you a coupon that you will take to the dealer nearest your location. When you get there, the dealer will ask for the coupon and you will take your test drive in the car you chose. That’s it! You can only receive one coupon per household and you can test-drive a car once every six months. What an easy way to make an extra $40 for doing something fun!

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