Newly Graduate? - Helpful Tips to Answer Interview Question

As a new graduate, along with being proud of your accomplishments, and perhaps relieved that you've finally completed your degree, you are also feeling nervous about interviewing for your first job. This is a completely normal feeling among new grads! Although you may have limited experience in your chosen field, it doesn't mean that you should stress about how to answer interview questions. You can still present yourself in a way that shows potential employers that you will be an asset to the company.

Anticipate The Basic Questions

There are basic questions that you will likely be asked. A few examples include "Why did you apply for this position?" or "How did you hear about our company?" You may also be asked questions about your schooling, such as "How did you choose your major?" Have strong answers prepared for these questions. It shows a strong interest in the company and the position that you hope to secure.

Have A Well Prepared Resume

Have a strong resume ready to go. Even though you've already sent a copy to the company, bring an extra one with you. Make sure the resume highlights all accomplishments that you achieved during your time in school. This is a chance to really build yourself up.

Practice With A Friend

Anticipate what the interviewer is going to ask you, and have answers prepared. Ask a trusted friend to give his or her input as to what they think you will be asked. By going to the interview with potential answers prepared, you give yourself the opportunity to eliminate the element of surprise.

Highlight Your Achievements

You may not yet have held a formal position in your chosen career, and that is fine. If you have done an internship or volunteer work, be sure to tell the interviewer. You definitely gained experience, so let the company know what you learned during this time. If you've done any volunteer work in another field, let them know about that too. Talk about any activities you participated in during your education. This is a great way to let the interviewer know that you like to get involved in various causes. It will also highlight your ability to be a leader.

Communicate Your Skills

Don't leave any of your skills out of the conversation with the interviewer. Let he or she know what your strong points are, and how they will help you in your future employment with the company. Communicate your eagerness to learn, and your willingness to become a strong employee. Tell the interviewer exactly what you will bring to the position.

Have Confidence

Go into the interview like a shining star. This will let the interviewer know that you are confident that you will be able to perform the job duties well. It will also convey the message that you are willing to conform to the standards of the company. They want to see someone who has the ambition to succeed.

Research The Company

Do as much research as possible about the company you are interviewing with. The interviewer will likely talk about company history, company goals, and the like. Research as much as you can about the industry as well. You may be asked questions related to the company, and you don't want to be caught off guard when this happens.

Stay Relaxed And Be Yourself

If you are extremely nervous, it is going to be obvious. Stay as calm as possible. Being prepared will help you to be relaxed. Letting your personality shine through is an important step in an interview. It will help you to answer questions more accurately and completely. You want the conversation to flow as naturally as possible. This not only helps you succeed in the interview process, it shows the interview that you are going to be a pleasure to work with.


Remember that everyone has to start at the beginning. Just because you have little or no experience does not mean that you won't be able to present yourself as a potential asset to the company. By being prepared for the interview, you are sure to do well, and before you know it, you will be starting your dream job.

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