6 Nifty Job Search Tactics That You Can Learn From Hacks That Worked

There are plenty of life hacks you can search online today, but if you're looking for the best ones about job search tricks that have been proven effective, this article's for you.

In any job search you do, the basic set of essentials should be there: a good resume with a short cover letter and the good-old mighty hand shake that can close a deal. But you may want to follow these simple creative tricks to land you the ideal job you want.

1. Let The job come to you

You have to be creative to stand out. You have to understand the competition is so tight. When you try ways to shift the perspective of a job search, then the odds are in your favor. One way that was proven effective was to get employers to get to you and not the other way around. The guy who did this was Andrew Horner, and what he did was he created a website listing all the pertinent information that employers need to know about himself. His risky gamble paid off as he now has the job that he dreamed of having.

2. Put your face where employers can't miss it

One trick that got the attention of potential employers was done by designer Miguel Rato, who showcased his professional stats and face on a mocked-up milk carton to get the attention of his ideal employers. He did this by making sure that all the information the employers needed, such as skills, experience, and bio, are all indicated in the milk carton box. The box seemed to use the "Missing Person" tactic to lure the employers that the designer is creative enough to think outside the box. In this case, it was literally outside the box.

3. Specific Pitch

Designer Eric Gandhi used this technique by making his resume tailored to the employer that he was applying from, which in this case was Google. What he did was that he made his resume look like it was from a Google Results page. This trick eventually made way to the Google HR, and this scored Eric his dream interview for the company. The lesson here is that if you're able to make your employer think that you're not just copy-pasting stuff for your resume, you most certainly will land the job post in that company.

4. Be Bold

It pays to be bold these days. We want bigger ideas. We want people who will dream big. In the job application of Adam Pacitti, what he did was he leased a big billboard space and spent all his money to pay for that ad to get a job. The way he did this was he spent his last $500 on a billboard post that said, "I spent my last $500 on this billboard. Please give me a job. " He then linked to a website that contained all his information. This tactic worked so well that he ultimately got hired. He also gained a lot of attention because of such bold tactic.

5. Show it in a song

Did you know that Account Executive Arielle LaGuette got her job thru a song? It may not be the best idea to show your skills to the job you're applying for through a karaoke number, but that's just what Arielle did. She wrote a song about the company she applied for and uploaded it on YouTube. She got a friend in the firm to forward it to HR, and the rest is history. This may not work if you're applying for a traditional company, but if your dream job would be open-minded enough for some crazy unique ideas, knock yourself out with this tip.

6. Try going over the top

You don't need to just dress for the job that you have but also dress for the job that you want. This is the attitude that landed Luis Magalhaes his job application. Instead of just sending out a template low-quality resume, he went overboard and printed his resume in a book-like format, with the highest quality paper and with the most minimal design. It turned out that this tactic is so striking, that his care and attention for the details in his application scored him the interview he needed.

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