Boosting Your Resume

Don’t be one of those people that thinks that a resume is just a simple recitation of a job description written in the plain old Times New Roman font. This kind of thinking is so old fashioned since a new way of doing things is starting to make headway into the populous.

The resumes of today need to be both unique and special to showcase just how unique and special you are as a person. The best part of a resume is to show just how better you are than anyone else applying for the same position. A resume is how you get your foot in the door and how you define your brand as you apply for the job.

Before you get started, you need to remember that your resume is essentially a marketing document. The sole purpose of a resume is to get the person doing the hiring to call you, email you, or contact you in any form to initiate a conversation to discuss the position at hand. To make your resume stand out, you need to differentiate yourself from the other people around you. Here is how you can do that without seeming too over the top.

Colorize Your Brand

Did you know that color can make a huge difference when it comes to the way that people see you? For instance, darker blues often convey different qualities like honesty, loyalty, approachability, and responsibility. Turquoise colors convey ideas of attention, communication, high ideals, and prestige. Reds, on the other hand, can make you appear provocative, exciting, passionate, emotional, aggressive, and memorable. Since this color conveys so many emotions, it isn’t always the ideal color to use for a resume.

One of how you can use these colors on your resume is by separating sections. You can also use them as a background for your branding at the top of the resume document. This will help highlight your personal information like your name and phone number.

Create a Branding Statement

Instead of creating a list of your skills and accomplishments, you should create a short statement of anywhere between three and five lines. This statement should explain who you are, what your key qualities are, and which areas you are particularly skilled in. Potential employers do not need to know how you got to where you are. They just need to know who you are at that exact moment, and this is what makes you stand out.

Cover all the Key Accomplishments

One way to provide a quick glance at who you are, you should create a key accomplishments section and position it under your branding statement. This is a great time to keep it short with only a few bullet points to highlight your accomplishments that make you proud of who you are. You should remember that this is the key accomplishments, which means you should only pick a few things that will make you stand out as a person who is seeking a specific role. You can also highlight something a little more relevant that might appear later in your resume, and you can make it related to your target audience.

Before you create this section, you should find the accomplishments that are relevant to the current job position. Instead of discussing a promotion, you should instead highlight what you did to earn that promotion. This is a great example of a key accomplishment.

Keep the Bullets Short

Instead of packing your resume down with multiple bullet points, you should limit yourself to just a few. When you begin to overcrowd the bullets, it can make your resume look unorganized. You should make them short and let the bullets tell the story for you. Tell the story, be specific, and be different.

Showcase Excellent Communication Skills

There are very few professional jobs that do not require excellent communication skills, but it is one thing to claim that you have these skills and another actually to have them. You can show off your communication skills by using specific vocabulary in your resume. Use vivid language, and be sure to correct any grammar mistakes. Instead of using plain verbs, use action verbs to bring a more colorful wording to your resume. These verbs will better highlight your actions.

Also, when you discuss your communications skills, be sure to give examples of places where you have spoken or times when you’ve done work.

Before writing your resume, take a few minutes to look at yourself. Find what makes you unique and special, take those things, and put them into your resume. If you are confident in your work, it will show through on your resume, and your potential employers will see your confidence as well.

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