Tips for Maintaining a Good Balance While Working at Home

With economy as it’s been the past few years, more and more people are looking for second jobs. Many of these second jobs work-at-home opportunities individuals can do over the Internet. The online industry has opened up a completely new world for home-based workers. While it may sound great to stay at home, sleep in each day, save on gas and avoid heavy traffic, it does have its shortcomings in terms of what it can do both the personal and social life of the individual.

Here are seven simple tips on how to balance yourself, be successful in your work and avoid feeling shut off from the rest of the work

1. Change Your Routine

If you work in an office or even a factory, you may find that you do the same things every day. However, the slightly different things you do each day tend to keep it from being too boring and monotonous. A bored worker is going to become an unproductive worker. If possible, set your work schedule at different times of the day. If your work involves the Internet, consider going to the library or a local restaurant that offers free Wi-Fi. You’ll be in a different environment and may see people you know. It’s a great way to brighten your day and vary your routine.

2. Utilize a Hot Desk

Those who work at home tend to spend a lot of time staring into space or noticing things they could be doing in the home other than their work. Ever heard of a hot desk? IT’s where you rent office space for a few hours or one day a week. If you deal with clients, it can make you look more professional if you’re in an actual office with an actual meeting room, which is usually offered free from the hot desk company. Additionally, if you’re paying for the office space, you may be more productive if you know you’re paying for the office space.

3. Networking Can Increase Productivity

You may find many other at-home business owners in the same line of work. Research your neighborhood for local networking groups and trade shows. It’s a great way to meet others in your niche market, learn of new opportunities and share ideas with others. The Internet can also provide info on business networks that are in your area.

4. Vary Your Method of Interaction

The type of interaction you use with clients or supervisors will depend a lot on the type of business you have. Your work may involve only instant messaging or emails. If that’s the case, you can only interact so much. However, if your business allows for personal interaction, consider phone calls or face-to-face meetings. Lunch meetings are still a great way to meet customers, introduce your business and ask/answer any questions that may develop. It’s also a great way to avoid isolation from the public.

5. Family Rules and Participation

One of the main complains work-at-home individuals has is that family members tend to not respect their “work time”. This can result in poor productivity and negative attitudes towards both your work and your family. Set up some rules for your family so they know you are unreachable when you’re working regardless of what room of the home you may using. If you have children in school, you may find beneficial and rewarding to work the same hours they are in school.

6. Get Some Fresh Air

It’s a known fact that we all need fresh air and sunshine every day. You won’t have someone telling you it’s break or lunch time. You need to set yourself a schedule that gets you outside whether it’s for some simple gardening, walking or doing some exercise. This is probably one of the most important commitments you can make to yourself. It will keep out the boredom and give you some fresh perspective. It’s also extremely beneficial if you’ve been having a work problem. Get out for a bit and clear my mind.

7. Designate Your Work Space

While it may seem nice to work anywhere you want, even from your bed, your productivity and motivation will increase if you have a designated workspace. Your space should be uncluttered, clean and as stress-free as possible.

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