The Top-Paying Careers That Pay Over $100,000 a Year

Every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts out an official report listing the top-paying careers across various industries. From the 2015 report, most of the listed jobs were in the medical industry and other related health-focused industries. Information technology, engineering, and management careers also made the BLS list.

The majority of high-income career options require at least a four-year university degree. Ones in the medical field also require advanced education such as medical school. Jobs over $100,000 in other industries may only come to those with master's degrees or extensive training above their normal bachelor degree class schedule.

Medical Careers Over $100,000

Several different specific types of surgeons and a general list of other surgical specialties each made $187,200 median income. This includes maxillofacial and oral surgeons and general surgeons. Other medical careers also had a median pay of $187,200 including orthodontists, general internists, obstetricians, and gynecologists. Anesthesiologists also shared this same median income.

Other high-paying medical careers include:

• General practitioners and family doctors brought home a median pay of $184,390.
• Psychiatrists brought home a median pay of $173,330.
• Prosthodontists brought home a median pay of $169,130.
• Pediatricians brought home a median pay of $154,650.
• General dentists brought home a median pay of $171,000.
• Engineering, Science, and Tech Careers That Pay Over $100,000

When it came to various STEM industry careers, petroleum engineers topped the list with a median pay of $129,990. Architectural and engineering managers made $132,800. Other careers included on this list of options for those who want to earn more than $100,000 include air traffic controllers at a median pay of $122,950 and computer information systems managers coming in at $131,600.

Business or Corporate Careers That Pay Over $100,000

Cheif executives of corporations had a median pay of $175,110 while marketing managers had a median pay of $128.750. No other business industry careers made the list.

Blue Collar Industries That Pay Over $100,000

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics did not include any blue collar careers on its latest list of those that have a median pay over $100,000, These pay scales usually come after years of experience and, frequently, with the backing of a union.

Police officers can earn over $100,000, especially in popular urban areas like New YorkCity and Los Angeles. The former pays out salaries between $50,000 and $116,000 while the latter offers a $110,285 average to all officers. Sergeants and other specialty ranks earned a bit more: from $105,000 to $131,000.

If you do not mind getting your hands dirty, there are multiple options for careers that can bring home over one-hundred grand each year. Most of these require quite a bit of training and hands' on education, but may not need a traditional two or four-year degree from a university or college. Licensing, permits, high insurance premiums, and other expenses may cut into the career's take-home pay.

Construction managers and contractors that oversee other workers and who have considerable experience and expertise may bring home up to $144,500. However, the median pay is below the goal. It was listed at only $87,400 in 2015, although industry forecasts estimate it to be higher now. If a contractor works in part of the country experiencing high growth or an influx of more affluent residents, their salary will reflect that upswing. The more affluent the community, the more they can pay for home remodeling and renovation.

Although most farmers make less, those who operate large or specialty farms in expensive areas of the country can reach a median pay over $100,000. In Boise City, ID, one can make $106,600. In Santa Rosa, CA it's up to $114,070, and in the southern parts of Florida, incomes come in just over at $100,830.

Other careers that can allow you to bring home over $100,000 without a college degree include oil rig workers, nuclear power plant operators, executive chefs, real estate brokers in affluent areas, airplane pilots, and small business owners with a unique idea and a lot of hard work.

The dream of earning over $100,000 is accessible to more people than ever before. Although highly-educated medical surgeons and corporate executives head the list, blue collar workers and those with no formal education can still earn a great living.

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